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Lanop Accountants was set up in 2009 and established its first office in Putney in 2010. Since then, it has grown to be an industry leading fully digital accounting firm that provides not only accounting and tax planning services for its clients but also business advisory services encompassing a number of areas.

A Timeline of Major Events at Lanop

Major events in our company history are depicted below:

The Market Gap We Identified

The company came into existence after the founding partners Mr. Aurangzaib Chawla (known to his friends and clients as Zaib) and Kai Schefelbein spotted a market gap for trusted accountants who were more of business advisors.

Not only did they wish to give clear advice on accounting and tax planning to their clients – but also other matters relating to operations, marketing, sales and finance. As a result, Lanop was envisioned as being more than an accounting firm.

Zaib and Kai also observed that while traditional accountants used to focus on providing accounting and tax services to clients, they believed in adding value to businesses in numerous other ways.

Also, leveraging his passion for start-ups and business acumen from some previous successful ventures in construction, subletting, and e-commerce business, Mr. Aurangzaib believed in keeping clients involved in all aspects of their business – and discussing not just what should be done but also why it should be done.

One of the ways they championed this was by connecting businesses with one another – something they saw BNI do as well. It took advantage of its trusted network of professionals over the years while providing value for money, 360-degree services, accounts with detailed comments/analysis.

At the same time, both partners used to look for like-minded individuals due to their passion for business development and treated clients’ business as their own.

What Sets Us Apart

One-Stop Shop

Lanop provides a one-stop shop to clients for a wide range of industries and offers other services usually not offered by other accountants.

Access to Top-Tier Financial Consultants

Lanop’s in-house finance advisors and consultants perform in depth analysis of the external ecosystem that influences the growth and strategies of global companies wishing to conduct business operations in the UK.

Global Clientele

Through its strategic alliances with reliable and reputed partners, Lanop serves clients not just in the UK but across continents.

Knowledge Sharing

On top of it, Lanop treats its team members as front-line entrepreneurs. This team advises clients on some of the most challenging issues and can handle clients independently due to the company’s emphasis on continuous professional development.

Also, Lanop has an open plan office whereby all situations are discussed with the team to understand the unique scenarios faced by the clients. This helps the team hone and refine their skills – which can be used in subsequent client interactions and promotes a positive knowledge sharing culture.

High Client Retention

It is because of Lanop Accountants transparency in dealing with their clients that it has close to 99% client retention rate – falling 1% short of 100% only due to the clients’ personal circumstances.

Strategic Partnerships

Lanop Accountants is also a patron member and official accountant of Wandsworth Chamber and founding member of Putney Business Hub. This promotes local businesses in Putney and the surrounding areas while providing mentorship to new start-ups.

The firm has even partnered with high-street banks such as Barclays and Metro Bank and conducts monthly tax clinics for their clients. Additionally, it has access to some trusted partners which includes insolvency practitioners, mortgage advisors, employment consultants, insurance partners, legal advisors and many other professionals.


Lanop is a XERO Gold Champion Partner, ACCA Platinum Approved Employer, Wandsworth Awards 2017 Finalist for “Entrepreneur of the Year”, “Best SME Business”, “Best Business for Customer Service”, 2019 Finalist for “Employer of the Year” and “Best Business for Under 50 Employees”. Along with this, it is accredited by ACCA and was also mentioned in Financial Times and ICAEW in 2020.

After all, Lanop is not just your regular accounting firm but a trusted business partner that facilitates you through its business connections developed over a decade in the UK and across the world. It is because of all such initiatives that we don’t just claim, but in fact prove to be your best friend in business!

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