LANOP provide a bespoke and complete financial service for your growing business. Our qualified Chartered Accountants will provide you with a personal consultation so together we can design a financial system that meets your specific business needs and improve efficiency and profitability.

Your successful business, whether it is a limited company, professional contractor or self-employed, needs a high calibre, up to the minute and dedicated financial team who you can rely on.
By choosing LANOP you will:

Save Money

The LANOP team will manage your accounts and provide a specialist financial service that streamlines your business, and saves you the expense of an in house accounting department and purchasing complex financial  software. The Lanop team can fulfil all your accounting, payroll and bookkeeping requirements at a fraction of the cost.

Save Time

Accounting is time consuming. Processing all that paper work, meeting the legal requirements of Companies House and dealing with HMRC leaves little time for anything else. We help to free up your time so you can get on with growing your business and doing what you’re passionate about.

Professional Service

Our services are delivered promptly and professionally by our team of experienced accountants. Our clients rely on us for peace of mind knowing that professionals are keeping an eye on the essentials.

Customised Solutions

We like the personal approach and hence spend considerable amount of time understanding your business and your requirements before recommending an appropriate financial solution.

Management & Financial Accountants

We have specialists in both management and financial accounting. We understand our clients’ need to view Management Accounts in relation to Financial Accounts in order to make those key strategic decisions.